Payment Institution Regulation - Compliance Statement
It is the policy and aim of NordPay Financial Ltd to fully comply with all current legislation relating to the prevention, detection and reporting of Money Laundering offences. We are an FCA-Authorised Payment Institution and comply with all aspects of all relevant legislation across all jurisdictions.
The company acknowledges its responsibilities to identify money laundering and terrorist financing risks and to devise, implement and manage controls that are appropriate and proportionate in combating this threat based on a risk-based approach. We have a committed and trained Compliance function in place to manage our processes and promote a culture of compliance within the business.
The company is committed to the on-going training and education of all members of its staff in relation to the prevention of financial crime. We are also committed to educating our staff in respect of the law and their own individual obligations under it, including the timely reporting of any suspicious activity through formally-established and recognised internal processes and channels.
In order to ensure compliance with legislation we require clients to provide us with appropriate forms of identification and any other materials that assist us in achieving KYC / CDD compliant outcomes.

NORDPAY is an authorised payment institution (firm 535688) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

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