Agent program

Some anticipate consolidation in the payment industry, now that only regulated companies will be authorised to offer payment services. The players in this market have to conform to the requirements of the European Payment Services Directive (2007 / 64 / CE).

For the firms who cannot invest the amounts required or do not have the resources, one route to consider is the NORDPAY AGENT option.

Details are worked out individually per agent, in accordance with the regulatory requirement and the agent’s need.

The agent will benefit from NORDPAY computing infrastructures, data security, support services and the NORDPAY’s organisation yet continue to practice in an autonomous way.

Registration as a NORDPAY agent, means that Nordpay will register your services with the UK FSA.
The directive restricts the operation of payment services to those who can demonstrate :

  • Stringent capital adequacy requirements.
  • Rules regarding conduct of business.
  • Adequate governance and control.
  • Fraud and risk management procedures ( e.g. AML)
  • IT Security, e.g PCI DSS Level 1

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